Blog Blog Blog Blog…. finally

Hi all. Well it has been an extraordinary long time since we last had a blog entry so I figure I will address this issue.

Problem being that we have been so busy with things like bringing in new band members, shooting a video, working on our studio, trying to recover our stolen instruments, and… well… playing music, that I had neither the time or the will to keep up the blog.

Now given that all the aforementioned “things” are just the kind of fodder a blog feeds on you may wonder why the aforementioned “things” have not been aforementioned in a blog.

Well simply put if we were bloggers we would blog but as we are musicians we music. mmmmmm another glaring inconsistency in the english language…. aaaanyway.

Since we last communicated there have been some developments. We have a new band member! Thomas has joined to sure up the rhythm section, primarily on bass but the boy plays a mean drum to boot.

Koen our sound guru has also become a, most welcome, feature on guitar bringing our numbers up to 7!

Our lawyers have now taken up the struggle to recover some of the instruments stolen, but now in the hands of the police, and after a year and a half we expect a breakthrough anytime now.

I am pleased to say that we are now busy with the recording of our next 3 songs. We sure hope you will like ’em.

Plus we will hopefully begin shooting our video at the end of this month. It involves training animals and waiting for good weather. Intrigued? I know I am.

Next 2 gigs will be:
Amsterdam 06-08 Wilhelmina Huiskamer festival
Utrecht 13-09 De Utrecht Popprijs – halve finale

righto! until the next time,




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