Well some new developments people.

Although we still do not have any of our missing gear back, rumblings are being picked up on the Richter scale of justice. There have been shadows of sightings, mere glimpses of our stolen equipment, raising lost musical heads above the parapet of the dark criminal trench in which it currently resides.

So be careful thieves….. third light’s inlucky.. and we just need you to be stupid one more time, and it’s end of game.

What does this mean in plain english? Well it would appear that the dumb fucks have decided to sell our gear at various ‘cash for goods’ stores in Utrecht. I mean not even bothering to take a train to say Groningen, Rotterdam, or even somewhere like Halfweg, where we would never have thought to look.

Hopefully it is only a matter of time before the misguided are behind bars, and our equipment is plugged in and played ‘zoals het heurt’.

I now understand that the expression “as thick as thieves”, actually refers more to intelligence and less to comradery.




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